About Us


Arte, coleccionismo, investigación, mercado del arte, asesoramiento, pintura, escultura
  • TÍMIA ART & RESEARCH is the paradigm that makes the difference in the art of collecting.
  • A word of classical origin meaning to dignify, revalue, venerate: terms that are established as the pillars of our way of working.
  • In addition to these pillars, there is the desire to discover and recover the identity of works of art that have fallen into oblivion, giving them a new life and a prosperous future.
  • To achieve this, TÍMIA offers services of study, documentation and cataloguing of works of art, as well as the accompaniment, consultancy and management of private art collections.
  • TÍMIA works at national and international level to provide a perspective to collecting, generating the perfect balance between Antiquity and New Creation.
Timia Art & Research coleccionismo arte alta época estudio investigación objetos

Our Essence

  • Rescue from oblivion
  • Dignification
  • Recovery of the original identity
  • Enhancement
Arte, coleccionismo, Barcelona, estudio, catalogación, consultoría, coleccionismo, cultura

Our Attitude

  • A new perspective
  • A fresh spirit
  • The new vision of the Old Masters
  • The New Collecting
arte coleccionismo investigación estudio old masters pintura escultura art advisoring

Our Experience

  • Integral follow-up in the acquisition and presentation of Works of Art.
  • Gestation and development of Art Collections
  • Consulting
  • Management of Works of Art