arte, coleccionismo, cultura, museos, investigación, patrimonio
Arte, coleccionismo, Barcelona, estudio, catalogación, consultoría, coleccionismo
arte, coleccionismo, cultura, museos, investigación, patrimonio
Arte, coleccionismo, investigación, estudio, pintura, escultura,

Art and Society: creating links

In the era of immediacy, overinformation and collective restlessness, where there is no time for individual reflection or sensory perception, the generation of meeting spaces for reasoning and understanding is essential.

Returning to the normality of our lives after so much unrest experienced globally, it is essential to rethink the role of cultural institutions and their impact on the future of society.

As has been demonstrated (many times before), culture has contributed substantially, especially in times of crisis, to improving the development of the individual and citizens.

Works of Art & their clear emotional impact.
Starting from the fact that culture is an intangible Good, without borders or limits, promoe spaces that awaken curiosity and increase analytical capacity with a clear emotional impact on those who want to approach it, projects a calling effect to those who may be more reticent.

The first contact allows for generating a link between the essence of the Work of Art and the individual who has become interested in it, thus unconsciously generating the need to expand their cultural background. The curiosity that is born has to be the germ that allows new ideas to emerge, in the form of new ideas that end up creating a fabric that benefits society as a whole and, therefore, has a clear return and recognition towards the institution that promotes it.

Culture & Art for a prosperous society.
The existence of organizations that facilitate access to Art and Culture promote and cultivate for society a present and a near future with great prospects. Ensuring and contributing to the expansion of a network of public and private institutions that are involved in the progress of their society, and endowing it with a good cultural base, will promote it to consume quality products, and therefore, to be more critical and tend to improve its socioeconomic reality.

A social fabric with solid cultural foundations will be more permeable and will have a more resolute attitude towards changes and the evolution of ideas and challenges that appear in its vital context.

Therefore, art and creativity in all its disciplines and access to them, guarantees a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society, with a clear impact on vulnerable groups, since they will be able to experience the improvement of their realities and the broadening of their horizons, based on the development and coexistence between different communities.

To reach this reality, society must be involved and made to feel part of the tangible and intangible heritage that surrounds them. Therefore, a social fabric that values, protects and enjoys the cultural assets in its environment will generate links that will translate into commitment and recognition.

With today’s need to generate links and bridges, why not, also, create them with the Works of Art and Heritage to establish a system of community interactions of great potential for social and sustainable development?

To achieve this, the first step is the knowledge and recognition of the Cultural Assets with their original context that, together with the journey experienced until reaching their current location, must allow the creation of a story that makes them dynamic, generating a dialogue and direct involvement with the viewer.